If you are expecting excellent service, Crypto Thrills Casino provides that 24 hours a day, all year round. The qualified, friendly individuals making up the support team are continually available and form the cornerstone of success at Crypto Thrills with an excellent Customer Services center. The support agents are a helpful bunch, friendly, and professional. Crypto Thrills members can expect superior service by a world-class customer support system. Support services are additionally available via email, there is a toll-free number you can use for phone calls, and there is a superb live chat service. If you want your support to be as fast as your Bitcoin deposit, then live chat support is the answer. An entire team of support agents is equipped with insider knowledge regarding all the operations of the casino as well as about Bitcoin. The support team can assist new members in creating and managing their Bitcoin wallets if needed. That all translates into an utterly hassle-free support experience for seasoned players and the newbies alike.

Online Security at Crypto Thrills

There is a reasonable concern growing across the web about online data security and protection. Crypto Thrills Casino takes player confidentiality and the safety of their data too seriously. The casino pledges they won’t ever compromised data, transfer it, trade, or rent details of its players to any third party without a valid reason. Information regarding your deposits at the casino, your winnings, the payouts, and everything else is strictly confidential. They will not be disclosed to anyone without prior consent unless otherwise required by law. All the private information that you submit to Crypto Thrills Casino will be considered as confidential data, protected by a 100% secure, top-level 2048-bit encryption protection technology. It supersedes the industry standards, thereby guaranteeing you get a safe and secure online experience with protected transactions. For real-time response, you can reach the support team via live chat. The live chat tab is conveniently located on the right bottom of the site. Alternatively, you can opt to send your queries via email if you wish.

Support You Don’t Want To Miss

Crypto Thrills is a casino you don’t want to miss! The high payout ratios, the outstanding game graphics, the easy-to-use site interface, and the superior level of customer service make the cryptocurrency casino one that you would not want to miss. Creating an online account at Crypto Thrills takes a matter of moments. You need to enter a few details such as your email address, your mobile phone number, and choose a username, and you’re ready to rumble! The casino site comes in different languages, so if English is not your preferred language, you can contact customer support in German and French as well. That’s a neat touch as non-English-speakers also get the chance to communicate and receive assistance whenever they need it.

Crypto Thrills is a pretty easy casino to sign up, and you can register for an account within the main casino website in a matter of moments. There isn't the need to go through a lengthy signing up process as you would need to at a standard online casino. The friendly, efficient support team are continually on hand to handle your requests and give you help if there are questions or problems you may have. The casino staff are incredibly helpful and seem to be genuinely passionate about assisting you to ensure any issues you might be experiencing are resolved promptly.